“You don’t understand.  I CAN’T forgive that person.”  Well, Jesus knew that when He told you to.  He expected you to do it the same way He expects you to do everything: by Faith.  Are you willing to forgive?  Are you willing to be made willing?  Philippians 3:10 says He helps us WANT to do His will, but you have to, at least, be willing to be made willing.  Just say “Lord, you know the situation & how I feel, but, as an act of my will, I forgive her/him.  You said all things are possible to him who believes and I believe You can give me a new heart for this person.  I ask You to please do that and I trust that You have.  Thank you.  Amen.”  Now, in 5 minutes, when you think about that person and cringe like you always do, OPEN YOUR MOUTH and SAY what you believe.  Say “No! I forgave that person? Jesus helped me. I DON’T CARE HOW I FEEL!  I do not live by my feelings.  I live by my faith in every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  My Heavenly Father said He hears me and when I ask for something, according to His will, His answer is YES!  I asked Him to help me forgive and He did. I have forgiven him!” and just praise The Lord.  Now, you may have to do that several times, but soon your feelings will follow your decision and you’ll begin to think of that person fondly.  Put the word of God to work in your life today.


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