OooK! …finally got up enough courage to look at the photos from Wednesday’s shoot. They’re pretty.

DSCN0728I can actually use some of them. Tori was perfect. I mean, when I say perfect, I mean perfect. NAYLA SEWED MY DRESS😮 Thank you my Joshy 😍& baby Bella for assisting with the backdrop, lighting, and set-up. APRIL, THANK YOU FOR IRONING🤗




I had another model lined-up but I couldn’t make it to her. THANK YOU AMY😍! I hope you can forgive me for ruining your morning!

What a wild day!  A lot of driving.  Apparently, you need a super speedy memory card & lithium batteries in order to keep the camera from running out of power every 30 min.

The clothes fit so beautifully that I started shooting mindlessly.  My daughter goes “Mom. You’re supposed to get the model and the backdrop – not the entire room.”  By the time I realized how bad the photos were going to be, it was too late.  I just had to edit it as best I could.DSCN0532.jpg

The best photos looked horrible but, it was with them that I launched my website.  (sigh!) So much has happened.  Where do I begin?  It turns out that it costs me more money to sell individual pieces on the website than to sell in bulk to stores.  The idea that a company would want to buy my clothes seemed so far fetched to me that I ignored the advice of my knowledgeable pattern maker and tried to start by selling one piece at a time.  That just seemed more do-able.  It turns out, however, that in order for me to make a profit, I have to sell hundreds of dresses.  Anything less and it actually costs me to sell them.  With this in mind, I contacted clothing boutiques in my area and asked if they’d like to see my designs.  One person got back to me and said “Of course.  You’re welcome to send us some line sheets.”  Now, I’ve heard of line sheets, but I’ve heard of a lot of things since I started this label 4 years ago.  That’s another thing I learned this weekend: My clothing line is professionally referred to as a “label”😏 Chic’y.  I called my pattern maker, who is also my advisor, and she explained that I need a “press kit” and that line sheets are just a part of that.  So, that’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days.


The press kit isn’t a difficult task in and of itself.  What’s been difficult is finding quiet time to work on it.  I began putting it together last Saturday, which was the start of Memorial Day Weekend.  My son came home from school for three days.  My husband took them all to visit Grandma.  He expected me to go, too.   To his disappointment, I decided to stay home, alone, and work on my press kit and do the laundry.  I’m still not done.  I need to set a date by which I’d like to be finished.  That’ll help me.  I’m going to have to take more photos because I can’t use the horrible ones for the line sheets.  I need to get a move on because summer is practically here and it seems to me that stores order their summer things at the beginning of spring…not the end.

Tomorrow we have a doctor’s  appt., and my son has field trip.  We’re finishing up our school lessons.  I’m expecting to hear from a home school mom this week, about whether or not we can meet at her church for the co op we’re planning for next year.  I don’t know if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I was planning on sending my two littlest ones to school next year.  I prayed about it and the co op began to take shape so … no school.  We will be continuing with home school for the foreseeable future.  Hey! Leave a comment!

Keeping you posted,




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