I begin with a sketch . . . in crayon?!  NO!


Well ok.  This time …I used crayon🙄  My 12 year old likes to use my sketch pencils, but she loses them!  So, last Friday, when my husband asked if I wanted to see Don Giovanni at The MET, I sat down to sketch a dress for the event.  After a few minutes, I realized that the contents of my sketch bag was one colored pencil, a pen, and a crayon so, I did what I could with what I had.  When the sketch was done, I contacted my pattern maker and asked if she could have it done by Wednesday.

…wait.  I have to backup.  I didn’t start out with a dress.  My first idea was pants:IMG_1195.JPG

But she said she couldn’t finish pants on such short notice so, I designed a dress.

There are universal symbols that professional sketch artists use to interpret the designer’s idea to the pattern maker.  My pattern maker actually wrote a book on it. After I sketch my design to the best of my ability, I send it to her.  She then re-sketches it, using these universal symbols, and sends it back to me for approval. We discuss it; tweak it here and there and finally, I “o.k.” it.IMG_1192.JPG

She makes the pattern; I go to Manhattan and buy the fabric.

Making my way to the fabric store.





She sews together a muslin for me (not a model in this case because the dress is for me) to try on.  I drop off the fabric and try on the dress.  God is with us.  She says she’s never had a 1st fitting fit so well!IMG_1191This was Sunday, April 23rd.

Yesterday, at 3:30, I picked up the finished product.IMG_1190

We took a lot of pictures but I’m not a model.  This one was the best.

I now have 9 pieces in the clothing line.  The next phase is getting great looking photos and pairing each photo with a description.  Thanks for your interest in my little endeavor.  Please follow me for updates and share with your friends😊


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