I decided to run everyday this week.  I started Saturday (which is technically last week) and by Sunday, my shins were hurting, again.  I found an article that said “Give your shins an opportunity to heal after the strain you’re putting on them, being a new runner.” or something to that effect. So, I’ve been walking everyday and only running a little.

I also decided that, during spring break, I would put the finishing touches on my dresses. The seamstress is done and her dresses look great!  Everything is back in my hands, now, and all that’s left is for me to switch the black buttons on one of the dresses with gold buttons and sew a piece of elastic in another one.  I seem to have misplaced my buttons, though. I’ve looked all over for them.  I just have to sit down and think about where they could be.  I mean, where could I have put them!  I’m also going to make the black, velvet dress longer.  I think I’d like that one to be a gown.  I expect to be done by the end of the week.  I could really be done tomorrow.  We’ll see.

I have found someone who will model for free.  We’ll have a fitting next week.  I also found a place to rent studio lighting so …I’m very happy about that.  My husband is an amateur photographer so I will count on him for my pics.   I would actually like to do it the day before Easter but …no can do.  My model will be preparing for a party on Easter and …yeah…no can do.

When I’m done with the photos, I will add them to the item descriptions , set up a website and create a portfolio to send to prospective investors.

I know you haven’t seen the dresses but I do not want to unveil them before the launch.  I will record the photo shoot and post it on my You Tube Channel.

Please comment and let’s start a conversation 😄

-Until next week!


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