Well…Fashion Week has come and gone and Spring, 2017, has sprung and I’m still awaiting final tweaking of my pieces.  I could feel left behind, down trodden and a little depressed that, it seems, another season has gone by and I have yet to produce ONE THING! …but I refuse to allow myself to slip into that kind of unproductive, self destructive, train of thought.  I will look at the bright side:

1.) As if I could compete with anybody at Fashion Week, ANYWAY ( : – o  !

2.) Right now, my time is not my own.  I belong to my family. I am preparing my two little ones for school next year, trying to help my 16 year old adjust (We’ve made progress!). We had a clogged pipe, a flooded 1st floor, the washer and dryer had to be unhooked for a week (I’m about to ask my husband to PLEASE hook the dryer back up so I can finish preparing for the coming week), a Nor’Easter, 2 snow days; all while homeschooling and caring for my family. So the fact that …

3.) My seamstress is no where near through with my revisions, is GREAT, because I couldn’t pay her if she was! [shaking my head]

I’m doing the best I can.  This is supposed to be fun…and it is, when I can give it my full attention which isn’t often.  I’m still excited about the soft launch, though because I finally have some clear direction. I’m going to keep praying. Please keep praying with me.  See you soon 🙂


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