So, I decided to try clams for the first time, ever.  I chose cherry stone.  I had mussels for the first time, during the summer and really enjoyed them.  The only drawback was they were so small that you had to eat a lot of them to get full.  I got the biggest clams I saw because I figured 3 or 4 would be enough for each of us.

The first thing I noticed was that the little clams cost more than the big ones. Great! I didn’t want to pay a lot for something I wasn’t sure I’d like. The second thing I noticed was how heavy they were! I got 12. The clerk instructed me to store them in the back of the fridge and keep the bag open because “they’re alive and they need air”. Now I thought my clams were adorable and started to seriously consider keeping them as pets instead of eating them 😆!

The cleaning process was another surprise. I knew I had to scrub, then place them in salt water to sit for 2 hours or more. What I did not expect was them not being done spitting all of their crap out after sitting for 2 hours! So…I scrubbed them some more and sat them in a fresh bowl of salty water.

I sautéed my onions & celery in olive oil and butter, for 5 min., then added the garlic. I let that cook for about a min. and added the wine, tomato paste, basil, a pinch of sugar, and a cup of water (maybe I should’ve added more water, too). I let that cook down a bit before I added the clams, covered and let them steam. They opened after about 7 minutes. We got very excited as we watched our little guys open…then wider and wider!IMG_1100

I made some spaghetti, plated them up and we sat down to enjoy our fascinating entree.

We hated them! They were rubbery and smelly and WHAT …IS THE BLACK, DIRT-LOOKING, STUFF, ON THE INSIDE?!


I am not diverted, however.  My husband said that the little clams are for soup.  The ones I bought are for the grill.  I will try again and keep you posted 😉


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