Well! My original pattern maker has done a complete “about-face”.  Here’s what’s happening:

I’m preparing for a “soft” launch of the line by the end of this month so, I needed to finalize some things.  If you remember from previous posts, I had samples of the entire line sewn but there was at least one thing I didn’t like about each dress.  On Wednesday, I dropped them off with my pattern maker to be tweeked (except one. It’s only buttons and I can do that myself).  I’ve written a description and care instructions for each and after I price them I’ll set up the website.  I’ve been fasting and praying about a venue and more capital, as I depleted what I had some months ago.

What’s got me in high spirits, though, is my pattern maker!  If you follow this blog you know I was frustrated with my pattern maker (who is also my seamstress) and had to find another one.  I got some help from my reluctant mother-in-law, a local seamstress, and finally a pattern making company in NYC.  I don’t think I ever specified why I had to find someone new because I didn’t want her feelings to be hurt if she happened by the blog, but one of the things was, when I’d call to see how things were coming along, she never remembered what she was doing for me!  I even suggested, on more than one occasion, that she create a file for me. “Why didn’t she think of that?”, you ask?  I have no idea, but such were her former dealings with me and, despite her being a bonafied professional; being truly skilled in her craft and having good contacts, I was forced to seek more professional services.

We parted on good terms. I didn’t tell her I never planned to use her again and after not having spoken to her for almost 2 years, I called her one day for her opinion on something.  She was so affable and helpful I thought I’d give her another try.  Sure enough, it’s as if she’s a different person!  I called her yesterday and she sounded so lively.  She knew who I was and immediately let me know where she was in the process.  I can’t imagine what’s changed her attitude, but I’m SOOO HAPPY!

Keep me in your prayers, please.  It looks like my dresses will average around $150 a piece.  I’m trusting God for a venue.  Oh! I found some fabric that I think is lovely but I bought the last 5 yds. of it and the company is no longer printing this pattern BUT I found a printing company!  I also found a possible manufacturer near me.  I will make appointments to meet with both as soon as the seamstress is done because the manufacturer needs to see each dress in order to give me a price.  Until next time, please comment and please pray 🙂


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