I finally realized what my problem is: I’m scared.  I mean, why else have I not launched?  I have all the dresses completed, so why delay?  BECAUSE I’M SCARED… that people won’t like the final products…that everyone will think my designs are absurd and say “Why would anyone wear that!”

Let’s think this thing through: The dresses were completed in my spare time, of which, really. . . I have none.  No matter where I was and what was going on, I was always trying to get back to the kids or worse…they were with me.  I dragged 3 kids around NYC, NJ and PA, up and down flights of stairs in old fabric houses with no working elevators…  And this was all done between scheduled dentist appointments and unscheduled doctor’s visits; an extra 4 hours out of my week at the laundromat when the washer broke, then the dryer broke, then both at the same time (remember I’m a homeschool mom & homemaker so I’m not even going to mention my day-to-day).  All while dedicating as much time as I could to developing the clothing line.   And my budget?  Sigh… my trips to NY completely depleted it.  Gone.  No more money.

I wanted each piece to be perfect before I presented it to the public.  Needless to say, they simply aren’t.  But you know what else they aren’t?  They aren’t the final product.

The dresses that I’ve completed are only samples.  Since these particular dresses are my initial offering, everyone who buys one will, in so doing, be helping to establish the line for the spring season.  I’ll explain, in detail, on the website.  The bottom line is, I’m in the process of getting photos of the dresses without models because…I just can’t go through that again (see previous blogs for disaster stories), and as soon as I’m done, I will set up the site.  First thing I’m going to do is see if I can un-wrinkle my backdrop by steaming it with an iron. If not, I’ll buy a little steamer. I’ll get started today, after school .

PLEASE give me some feedback, people!  See you soon 😉



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