PHEW!  …finally finished “product descriptions” for the 1st 3 dresses and it’s 2:58am (shaking my head).  Just have to do what I can when I can and not stress out.  This is supposed to be fun, after all.  It’s something to focus my attention on instead of trying to raise my children who are already grown.  And it’s working😝!  It certainly is.  It’s Christmas vacation and, not only are all the children home, but they’ve brought guests!  Well…only one.  Before the vacation started, my daughter asked if her cousin could stay a few days.  (ok…it is now 3:06am.  A friend of my son is apparently stranded in Jersey and needs a place to crash.  So make that 2 house guests).  Anyway…I was glad to oblige my beautiful girl because she surrounded by boys most of the time.  I’ve been baking and decorating cookies, making candy and pies, in addition to regular everyday chores.  I designated this holiday week to work on the clothing line and I’ve been able to get quite a bit done.  Problem is,  by the time things finally settle down in here and I’m able to rally my thoughts to focus on one thing, I’m exhausted and ready for bed! Talk to you in the new year.





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