So, apparently, you can’t separate yourself from a person for 25 years then come back into their lives and pick-up where you left-off; So. . . yeah.  This is the lesson I recently learned when I tried to reconnect with old friends.  In my defense, I wanted to raise my children in New York!  My friend new this!  We used to talk about it ALL THE TIME!  And it’s a little difficult to remain besties 1,000 miles apart!  ANY who…it is what it is.  In other news…

My 16 yr. old is adjusting to school life…I think.  Although things do not seem to have changed for the better, they aren’t getting worse… so, I’m thankful for that.  He seems to be, just, going through the motions, waiting for the year to end.  At first, I thought he was just trying to finish homework assignments so he could play his game, so I took the game away in the hopes that he’d actually pay attention to his school work.   I’m praying and waiting for the “realness” of it to dawn on him.  I know it will.  I’m just waiting.

Well! I finished all 5 dresses.  I want to share everything that’s going on in the clothing line with you, but when I start writing, it sounds, to me, like I’m being too detailed and I think I’m boring you.  I’m going to try again here, though, ok?  Here goes:

If you’ve been following this story (which begins here), you know that I’ve designed 5 dresses.  In order to sell them to the public, I need:

1.) samples of all 5 dresses

2.) a platform by which to display and sell them

3.) a manufacturer to recreate the dresses in different sizes and colors

I need a lot more than that, but let’s just start with that.

It’s taken me 3 years, but I finally have a sample of all 5 dresses.  The problem is, I am not happy with either and here’s why:

This dress:

The pattern for this dress is on it’s way to the pattern maker for adjustments!

…has to have adjustments.  I sent the pattern back to my very first pattern maker and she revised it so that the sleeves aren’t so bulky and the neckline isn’t so close to the neck.

The Maxi dress doesn’t have ruffles where it matters most and the fabric is too heavy.  It’s a lightweight fabric, but not light enough for a hot, summer day.  I originally thought it was perfect as you know if you read my post on finally finding the perfect fabric.  I was ecstatic about that fabric!  It’s beautiful and it feels lovely on your skin, but, alas, it is NOT the perfect fabric.  Why didn’t I know that as soon as I touched it?  BECAUSE I DON’T …

KNOW…WHAT I’M DOING…but, I’m doing it; and I’m going to keep on doing it until I get it right.  God is with me and we aren’t starving (yet).

So, I asked the people, whose shop I’m standing in in the photo above, if they would make the adjustments, on the dress, according to the revised pattern.  They said, “No.”   I don’t really understand the reasoning she gave me for flat out saying “No.” but that’s what she said.  So. . . tomorrow, I’m going to try to meet with my original pattern maker (with whom I really didn’t want any more dealings) and ask her if she’ll make the adjustments in the sample.  I’m also going to buy different fabric for the maxi  and the wrap around and ask her to make two more samples of these.

The problem with the wrap around is that the pattern was created incorrectly, but that was my mistake.  So, I’m just going to ask her if she’ll make samples for the one above and the maxi and if she’ll create another pattern for the wrap around or revise it and make a sample for it, too.

When these tasks are completed, I will create a catalog to send to people who  do not buy online and I will create a website.  “With 3 dresses?”  Maybe 4.  My goal is to have the catalog and webpage up by January 1st.  If I make a dress, like the one in the photo above, in a shimmery fabric, that will bring the count to four.  The actual dress featured above will    be included in the fall/2017 line.

That’s all for now.  Thank you for your interest in my little adventure!




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