Hi Everybody!  I really feel quite uninspired to write much of anything, but apparently, this blog is followed by over 100 people,  so I’ll give you what I’ve got!

We got back from the airport sometime around 1am.  My brother-in-law, is visitng. I woke my Joshua up at 5am to finish a homework assignment.  Since, to my surprise, he was able to produce said assignment, completed and ready to be turned-in, I let him go back to sleep.  He stomped off to bed and THAT is how my day began.

The plan was to go into the city, after school, pick-up the dress my pattern maker just finished and buy a ball gown for an event we’ll be attending in a bit.  I didn’t finish school until 30 min. later than I’d planned and as a result, I missed picking Joshua up from school (which would’ve saved a lot of time) and so, he rode the bus.  In spite of the super improbability of me making it to NYC before the pattern-maker closed, I made it!  Then, realized I’d forgotten my checkbook.

We resolved to complete this little bit of business via U.S. Post & I was off to buy the gown!  My goal was to get as near the store as I could because, though I enjoy walking in the city, it was getting dark and I didn’t want to have to walk too far in Manhattan at night.  I found parking.  Not only was it inexpensive, but it was across the street from an entrance to the store!

I found the dress:

– Adrianna Papell Three Quarter Sleeve Gown –

It didn’t fit.

So what did I accomplish, today?  I learned that I’ve gone up a dress size.

In the end, I decided on a gown that I already own.  I haven’t worn it in so long, my daughter doesn’t recall ever seeing it, so…I’ll take it to the cleaners tomorrow and that’ll be that.

There’s actually quite a bit going on but I think I’ll just make a video and tell you all about it as, my fingers and toes feel like they’re freezing and I just don’t want to think about it all right now.   It actually isn’t all bad.  It’s just frustrating to be working so hard and seemingly making no progress.  Not the clothing line.  That’s doing well…I can hardly wait to launch.  No…personal (teenage) things.   Please keep us in prayer.  Thank you so very much for your support.

P.S.  I spoke with my original pattern-maker and she gave me hope about how to sell the line! I’m going to take her advice and I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Picking-Up Dress No. 2

  1. What dress didn’t fit? The one you designed? Couldn’t it simply be altered. Forgive me for not keeping up ro speed, but I only visit FB sporadically.


    1. Hi THERE PAMMY! THAMKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG🤗 Not my dress. The one I was going to buy. I could hardly believe how MUCH it didn’t fit😵. Sooo…I’m working out, again.


  2. Oh gosh, please keep us update on the instructions from the pattern maker. I’m excited about the progress that you’ve been making 🙂


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