Wednesday – 10/5/16

I had given the pattern maker until today to finish my dress, but I thought I might get my hair braided on the day I pick it up and save myself some time and about $60. I called last Friday to ask when they thought it might be ready and they said “After Monday.”  I began to calculate:

It takes at least 4 hours to get my hair braided.  The salon opens at 10.  Even if I’m there when the doors open, I can’t get the dress and be home in time for the school bus.  This week, however, my son’s school is going on their annual retreat on the very day I’m to pick up the dress!  They leave from the school so there is no bus!  I could take the little ones, and their schoolwork, to Grandma’s, for the day; get my hair done; pick up the dress; pick the little ones up, and head home.  So why didn’t I do that?  My son decided he didn’t want to go on the retreat.  It’s very unlike him and I tried with all my might to convince him to go but …I’m not going to force him.  So…I kept him home and we all went to NY to pick up the dress.  I figured my hair is too short for braids anyway, but I meant to stop by and ask…since I was already in NY.  What went wrong?  Maybe nothing.  Here’s a rundown of the day:

Ever since I they told me when the dress would be ready, my stomach has been in knots.  I’ve been shaky and just …scared.  That doesn’t make any sense, though, right?  Well, when next I see the dress maker, I won’t only be picking up a dress.  I’ll be assessing their work because, remember, I’m looking for a new pattern maker and seamstress.  If I’m pleased with their work (and if can fit my fat butt in the dress) I will not only have a new dress for the party.  I will also have found a working component to my clothing line; and their first order of business would be to complete the dress my last seamstress started…something I was almost certain they would tell me they could not do.

The Dress:


Well…THEY COULD! I sat there shaking while they flipped the cut fabric backwards  (click for video clips of the day) and forward… conferred with one another about the task before them.  Why is it that when I approach professionals in this business, it seems thatI’m bringing them something they’ve never seen before?  They’re professionals!  In their defense, I am attempting to create something different from mainstream fashion so…maybe they have never seen it before.  Anyway, the only problem was that the fabric for the belt was not the correct width.  I bought it at the local “everything” store so …that it wasn’t quite right didn’t surprise me.  What surprised me was that I could not find a suitable replacement in “The Garment District” of Manhattan!  And I mean, maybe I could have, but at that point, I’d been walking block to block, floor to floor, for a couple of hours with 3 hungry kids in tow.  Had I been alone, I’d have forgone lunch because, for one thing, I ate on the way in.  So did they, but they’re kids and nothing we were doing translated to “fun”.  I wound-up buying 2 yards of $20/yd fabric; taking it to the dress maker for the belt; later realizing that it was probably too heavy for this spring dress; and finally calling her to say “Don’t use it.  I’ll find a lighter one and overnight it to you.”

Oh! The dress that I thought needed adjusting, it seems, is perfect! So, that is GREAT! When they are done with this dress, I will have five, completed, dresses.  I have so many sketches on the pad and styles in my head for pants and shorts, tops and skirts..!  Anyway, watch clips from the day HERE & THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH ME!


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