1:19 pm– Just got off the phone with the new Pattern Maker & she CAN make the dress! I’m headed into the city for the 3rd day in a row.  That’s $45 in toll, and very nearly $150 for parking in total. Not to mention gas.  But…these are business expenses, right?  And I will definitely write them off as such as soon as the opportunity presents itself o.O!  I’ve got a price quote.  It’s more than I expected but I think it’s higher because I’m only having the one dress made and no pattern.  I want to see what kind of work they do before I commit to any more than that.  I’m headed out now to, 1st, pick my Joshy up from school, then, on to NY.  I will add pics to this post as we go.  Click here to watch the video. Thank you for watching!

2:15 pm Picked Joshua up from school. Ran an errand and off we go. 

4:55 pm Just arrived in the city. The pattern maker closes in an hour, but I must buy the Fabric.  I haven’t bought it yet, because they weren’t sure if they could make the dress without having to alter the pattern.  If this was not NYC, I would simply park and walk to both places; but it is NY, so I’ve got to listen to my heart.  The Spirit of God will tell me how to get from the fabric store to the pattern maker  (within two blocks of each other) without getting my car towed.  

5:18 pm Here’s what we’re going to do: I’m going to drop Josh off with the money and a sample of the fabric I need.  They only have 2 like it and they are distinctly different so, with the sample, he should have no problem getting in and out, quickly.

5:19 pmI called the store to let them know my son is coming up and what he needs.  They see him. They’re going to help him.  I can’t sit here.  There’s something going on.  They’re are cones all along this street that weren’t here yesterday.  Looks like a movie trailer rolling in.  I must circle the block.  Josh knows I may not be here when he comes out.  He will wait outside the building for me and then we’ll take the fabric to the pattern maker.

5:26 pmI’m around the corner from where I dropped my son off.  It’s taking 5 min. to turn the corners here because people are crossing the street and there’s no turn on red in the city, so by the time they stop walking in front of your car, your light’s red, again 🙂 I’m being patient.

Trying to turn the corner😳


5:28 pmThe parking garage is straight ahead!  It would be easier to go straight than trying to turn 2 more corners to get to Josh.  I will drive up.  If I see someone who can park the car for me, I’ll pull-in, get my ticket, give him the key, and Luke, Grace, & I will RUN as  fast as we can to Josh.  Then, Josh, Luke, Grace, & I will RUN as, fast as we can to the pattern maker!

5:37 pm – Headed to the patten maker;  Just realized…I left the pattern in the car.

At the pattern maker.

5:43 pm – I told the dress maker (they’re pattern makers, but they’re only making a dress for me, at this point), let’s call her Cam.  Told Cam that I would overnight the pattern and a zipper (because I forgot that, too) to them and she assured me that’d be fine and that I’ll have the dress by party time.  It’s a shame because I have the pattern with me, but there’s no way I can run, with the kids, to the car, which I heard the parking attendant say was going to be parked on the 2nd floor, and get back to the patten maker before they close at 6pm.  

Meanwhile, the fabric that I sent Joshua to buy for $12/yd, has apparently gone up, since yesterday, to $20/yd.  Needless to say, I’m headed back to the fabric store to clear up this little misunderstanding o.O 

In the fabric store. I’m sure anyone who know’s this store, recognizes Swatch.

As I said in my video, this store is the best.  They cleared-up the little mishap and reimbursed me, immediately.  I bought a zipper & headed to the garage.  Mood Fabrics, ladies & gentlemen.  Professionals. 

DONE! In the parking garage waiting for the car.

6:09 pmAfter picking up the car and realizing I had to pass the pattern maker on my way out of the city, I thought “Why not have Josh take the pattern & zipper in to them. They won’t answer the phone, now, because they’re officially closed for the day, but they’re, likely, still in the office.”  So…that’s what we did.  I sat in the car and no police officer came and asked me to move.  My daughter said “I see Josh.”  I said  “Does he have the bag with him?”  To which she replied “NO!”  ALL DONE!   We’re headed home!  I can hardly wait to show you the finished results in 2 weeks! Thanks for following me and subscribing to the YouTube Channel.  It helps to know that you’re there 🙂










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