Hi everybody.  So, I’ve decided to wear one of my designs to a party we’ll be attending soon.  This won’t be the 1st time I decided that.  This will, however, be the first time I actually get to wear it (I hope)!

As you know, school has begun so the clothing line has had to take a back seat.  Well, today, I called the new pattern maker to ask if it would be possible to have a sample of one of my dresses done in two weeks.  She said, based on what I described to her, it sounded do-able.  So, off I went to Manhattan to buy fabric; found the fabric; didn’t like it at first.  Meanwhile, the pattern maker closed for the day.  I brought the fabric home to compare it to dresses I have with the same.  I have plans to go back tomorrow and confer with the pattern maker, as we’ve never sat down and talked.  This will actually be our first “in-person” meeting.   I’m excited because they do it all!  …patterns, samples…They even manufacture in small quantities!

side note: So how about, after I get my ticket and the gate opens, in this closet they call a parking garage, the attendant tells me “Go up to the 2nd floor.”  That stopped me in my tracks. See, up to this point, I was ok. I HATE driving in NY but I did it and I was …ok.  Now, all of a sudden, I wasn’t.  I said, “I’m can’t do that, Ma’am.  Is there another parking garage around here where someone can park it for me?”  She politely answered, “I don’t know.” to which I replied “I have to get out of here and find one.” at which time she called a guy over and said “Can you park this lady’s car for her.”  He did and thank God, that was that.  If you had seen that itsy-bitsy space they wanted me to drive up.  New Yorkers are something else.  I absolutely can …not.  

The leg warmers I’m knitting for my daughter have been a disaster!  Only because I can’t concentrate and, no matter how hard I try to start from my mistake, I have not been able to and I’ve started over 6 TIMES!  I told her I would have them by her next dance class so…please pray.  She could just buy a pair and if I don’t hurry up, she probably will!  I feel so privileged to be able to make them for her, so I really want to finish.  Also, please pray for my 16 yr. old.  This transition to school is proving to be quite a challenge for him.  My husband and I and all of his teachers think he’s doing great!  It is very trying for him, though and …please pray a short prayer for him to the effect that: He has the mind of Christ and understands his schoolwork clearly and he completes assignments with ease.  Glory to God!  Thank you with all of my heart!  I would love to hear how your first weeks of school are going!



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