Hi everybody!  So, I’m going to set-up the website as soon as all of the pieces are done.  If anyone knows a reliable seamstress, PLEASE GIVE ME HER NAME! So, far, I only have 3 dresses completed.  I need the other 9 before I can launch and, at this point, I’ve only got one seamstress (had to let the other one go, remember?).

There’s still so much I’m unsure about.  I’m praying and listening for direction.  I’ve gotten some.  Please pray for me.  I’m praying about where to have the party and who to invite; like members of the press, you know?  That’s really all I know.  I have no idea who else I’m supposed to invite.  I guess…people who like to be the 1st to buy the newest clothes of the season?

I can’t show you the dresses or tell you too much about the styles, until launch day, but if there’s anyone out there who has any experience in this field and cares to offer a bit of advice…PLEASE DO.

Keep an eye out for the launch Date & City.  And thank you for reading the blogs and tuning in to our You Tube channel!  I appreciate your support more than you know.  See you next week!




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