So, we arrived at the beach a few hours ago.  Why do I get teary-eyed whenever I go away with my family?  This time,  it’s because there are only four of us.  We’re a family of 7 so 3 of us are “missing” from this trip.  Our oldest is 25 and lives in N. Carolina.  Numbers 2 and 3 are in Pennsylvania and the four of us …are here, enjoying ourselves immensely, but missing our boys no less.  I looked at Mr. and Miss Muffin (that’s how I’ll refer to my children online, if you don’t mind) and, in my mind’s eye, saw their brothers when they were 10, 4, and 1.  They are now 25, 19, and 16.  Sigh…I am enjoying my life.  It’s exciting!  But I do miss my babies from time to time and cry a little.

When they were toddlers and stubborn, I could hardly wait for them to grow-up.  I wouldn’t have to pull over on the highway and put people back in car seats or ask police officers who’d pulled me over for a broken tail light to “PLEASE …TELL MY CHILDREN TO GET…IN…THEIR CAR SEATS!  I remember when older women would see me in the grocery store, reprimanding one of them and she’d say, “Enjoy them while their little.  They grow-up so fast.”  I would smile, politely, but think “Not fast enough!”  Now, I often say, with all my heart, to young mothers out with their little ones “Enjoy them.  They won’t be this size for long.”

How are you spending your last days of summer?  Are you spending them with family?  How’s that going?  I look forward to chatting with you in the comments, below 😉

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