So yeah…I’m on You Tube.  I have been trying to create an “introduction to my channel” video for MONTHS.  I’ve either not been satisfied with the sound, the way I look, the lighting, or the camera runs out of battery just as I begin or in the middle of recording.  I’ve had to step away from it several times, but I’m back.  Today, as we approached a toll booth, I decided to record us because. . . we always record us in the car on vacation.  As I was sending it to my bestie, I realized there was a You Tube link right there on my phone so, I clicked it and guess what?  It uploaded in less than 2 seconds!  That was another thing that halted my You Tube progress; the S-L-O-W-U-P-L-O-A-D-S!  My husband said  “It isn’t You Tube’s fault.  It’s your connection.”   What?!  I don’t care whose fault it is!  You have GOT to be kidding me!  So, check out the clip: HEADED TO THE SHORE  It’s about 15 secs. long.  My husband is a super sweetheart.  He just doesn’t like me taking pics of him, but… He’s really super sweet.

My channel is actually going to be filled homeschool, field trips, story time and games, book and toy reviews and of course clothing line stuff like NY Fabric Stores, Meeting with manufacturers, photo shoots, and maybe a fashion show.  I’ll talk about that in the next post.  I’m going to try to make the You Tube interesting, though, you will, of course, be the judge of that so… do let me know if you hate it.

However, I hope you enjoy it, “THUMBS-UP” it and share it with lots of folks 😉


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