I’ll tell you what I didn’t do.  I did not hit the ground running this morning!  Knowing what kind of day lay before me, I’d have been a fool to embark on it without Jesus (prayer notes).

Things were off to a great start.  I’d been up for 4 hours and had gotten quite a bit done.  Now it was time to get ready to leave the house.  Task#1: My Hair …It’s a disaster.  We’ll discuss that another time but, for now, know that it takes at least 30 minutes to get it to look presentable.  Styling or looking “pretty” is completely out.  Those times will come again soon but, these days, “presentable” is all it’ll give me. 

As I was working on that, my seamstress called and asked if she could bring over the last of the three dresses.  I didn’t expect to hear from her just then and I was happy at the prospect of one of the dresses possibly being …right.  Elated, I exclaimed “Of course!”, to which she replied “Be there in 15.”  I went back to trying to construct some semblance of decency atop my head when the phone rang.  It was our cousin.  She was having a bad day and needed me to talk her through some scriptures so she could begin her day.  I was glad to do it.  When I hung-up with her however, I realized time had gotten away from me so I ran to brush my teeth and head out to my first appointment with the new dentist who I barely know since my dentist retired and sold the practice AND  NOBODY TOLD ME!  Anyway…

When I got to the bathroom, the door had been, to my surprise, shut.   Someone was taking a shower.  So, I ran to the kitchen to brush my teeth in the sink when I remembered my seamstress!  I asked my daughter “Is anyone outside?” and the doorbell rang.

 I get myself (and the sink) cleaned-up and go to her.  She begins pulling pieces of fabric out of a bag saying “I need to explain some things to you.”  I say “I can’t.  I’m running late for the new dentist.”  So, now, I’m running around the house looking for a checkbook or some cash …anything to pay her so I can move on to the next phase of my endeavor; the first of which is finding a new seamstress.  

I finally realize that I have no cash and my checkbook is in my car which is in the shop!  I find my husband’s checkbook and, as I’m writing,  I ask my son “What time is it?”  It’s 5 to 12.  I’m 5 minutes late.  I call to apologize and let them know “I’m on my way!”.  My seamstress, says “You don’t have to pay me, because I didn’t finish the dress.” But I pay her because she tried and her husband took great photos that I can never use because she screwed-up the two dresses in the pictures!  So…I give her a great big ole hug, escort her out and not speed  /: ) to my appointment.

I LOVE THE NEW DENTIST!!! She was WONDERFUL! There’s a story in that, too, which we’ll discuss another time.

Next on the list: Laundry, clean the fridge, clean the bathroom: Because our cousin and her daughter are coming to spend the night with us.

I decided to drop my son off to work on my way to pick-up my car.  I got the car and we moseyed over to the donut shop when I remembered that my other son had an ortho appointment and I had 20 minutes to get him there!

I “beep-beep”ed at my cousin and daughter who were pulling into the drivethru as I made a u-turn in the parking lot and scurried back onto the highway towards the shortest route I knew to the orthodontist!

When I got home, I called our cousin to ascertain exactly when my husband would be picking them up.  She said, “Oh, we decided not to come.”

Well!  After dinner, I put my pajamas and headphones on, cuddled-up to my book and bid that day “good riddance!”

 Have you ever had one of those days?  Tell me about it 😉 

HEY! We’re on YouTube! It’s very new & im still developing it, BUT COME HANG-OUT WITH US! And …







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