The first shoot was supposed to be this Friday.  One of the model’s couldn’t make that, so I scheduled her for tomorrow.  I was excited because my husband was going to take the photos. . . right?  WRONG!  Our cousin called and needs my husband to take them to the airport at the time of the shoot.  I have a photographer, but she will not be available, this week, until the 4th so, guess who’s photographing this gig.  Yup…yours truly (sigh).

So, I had to take some things to the laundromat because the dryer broke.  I asked my seamstress if she needed anything and she said nothing except to fit the maxi on the model once more before she sews up the elastic part.  It was about 5 after 1 and I’d  just pulled-up at the laundromat when the model texted me to say that she could meet us today between 1 and 1:30.  I put my clothes in the dryer, set it on 35 min. & met my seamstress at the model’s house.  We did the fitting, and it went well.

When my husband realized the rain finally left our area, he declared FAMILY TIME!  So… we may not be here on Friday.  AAAAAH!  …and then again, we may.  The maxi is done and the model coming tomorrow is only modeling that dress.  One of the other two dresses only needs  belt loops and a hem.  I asked the other model if she could come tomorrow.  She said “Yes.”, but not at the same time as the first shoot is scheduled (which is perfectly fine).  So, I called the seamstress.  She didn’t answer.   I left her a message and sent her a text asking, if it’s possible, that she bring the daytime dress tomorrow, with the maxi.  We may still be able to do the Friday shoot so, I told her, please do not hurry the third dress.  I don’t need that until Friday, either way.  So that’s kind of wild and crazy.  I haven’t heard from her yet, but …that’s where we are (long sigh).  I’m not going to say “see you next week” because we both know…I’ll be back tomorrow night 😀


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