So, the fitting of the 2nd model was scheduled for yesterday at 4pm.  My model arrived early and did exactly what was asked of her (she’s such a good girl).  I had an errand to run in the morning so, I’d planned on coming home in the morning, and cleaning a bit before everyone got here.  But, as I was cleaning, our cousin called and said she was in the area and would be stopping by.  This was great because I wanted to see her and just give her a hug but also because she was bringing my mother-in-law, who could fit the model for me and I could just give the measurements to the seamstress, who kind of cancelled 3hrs before.  When they got here, I realized I had to run out and buy pins because my mother-in-law uses safety pins and not straight pins, like the ones I have.  As I’m leaving, my model pulls up (She came early, remember)!  So, left her here with my family, which was extremely awkward for her, I’m sure.  Although, apparently, she grew up in the town they live in …so…they talked a little.  Anyway, I get back, they measure and everyone leaves.   I start texting my seamstress to tell her the measurements, patterns, and fabric are ready for her to pick-up, but as I’m typing I realize, “This is not going to work.  She isn’t going to be able to use these measurements.  She’s going to have to fit her for herself.”   Well, my seamstress  told me today that she wants to measure the model again before the shoot.   I HATE to bother her!  I told them there’d be one fitting and one shoot.  They’re doing this for free, you know…as a favor to me.   The last thing I want to do is annoy the models!   But …mistakes happen, right?  And my seamstress is lovely.  She told me from the beginning, “I am not a dressmaker.”, but she’s doing a great job!  I really appreciate her, but I think I stress her out.  She’s so down to earth and just a sweet human being.   So…In other news…

I set up the first photo shoot with one model and my husband will be the photographer, THANK GOD! I thought I was going to have to do it.  So now all I have to do is assist him and set up the backdrop (which, he’ll probably do that, too because he just acts like he has to do everything for me he’s such a sweetheart).  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m about to call my seamstress and ask how she’s doing and if she needs anything.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll see you next week 🙂



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