Today I fit my first model! It was exciting but there wasn’t much to it.  Everyone seemed to know exactly what was expected of them.  They did it and it’s done! SO! …I went back to look at the plan, that I sort of outlined, in my first post and I’ve veered off a bit, but it’s ok! Check it out: 

SUMMER 2016 GOALS:  have at least one, actual, dress made by the end of June.

Had it made July 15th and Here’s why:

I have a seamstress.  She is not a professional, but does excellent work (and I mean “excellent”).  She has no confidence in her ability however, and is always reluctant to cut the fabric I bring to her because she doesn’t want to make a mistake.  I keep trying to get her to understand that I am not a professional either and we are “trying” here.  Trial and Error: That’s what we’re doing,  and mistakes. . . ARE PERFECTLY O.K!  Even so, it seemed the only way to get her to, at least, start one of my dresses was to tell her that  1.) I’d do it myself if she’d help  (which I fully intended to do) and 2.) I needed it for this wedding which was in one week.  She was reluctant still but motivated and FINALLY. . .SHE CUT THE FABRIC!  I made a quick run to a store near her house for a zipper.  It was “Free Slurpee Day” at 7-11, so I took all the kids with me (hers and mine).  I couldn’t have been gone longer than 30 min.  When I got back, she had stitched a dress for me to try on!  I was DUMBFOUNDED! I tried my dress on in tears of joy at seeing the actual dress that I had designed! She determined where to make the necessary alterations and I left it in her capable hands. When I returned to pick it up the next day, my seamstress looked harried and defeated.  She’d finished the bottom of the dress, but the top was causing her no end of frustration.  She felt terrible about not having finished and perplexed as to why she couldn’t.  I called my other seamstress, who also professes to be nothing more than a simple seamstress and not a dressmaker.   Well, she finished my dress and it was beautiful, but not perfect.   She ran into the same trouble that stopped seamstress no. 1 in her tracks.  She, too, was frustrated for hours until she figured out that the design of this dress  made it impossible to sew it as is traditionally done.  That little piece of info., however, was not in the pattern instructions so …THANK GOD she figured it out!  Of course, I relayed this and had her relay it to seamstress no. 1, because the last thing I want is for her to lose confidence in her magnificent abilities, again!

Well! …Because I planned on wearing it to a wedding, I had it made with a special occasion fabric and omitted the belt.  Now this dress has become two dresses!  I have the special occasion one and the daytime one that I’m having made with the belt.  I’m also having the maxi and the other daytime dress made. They’ll all be done by mid. August which is when I’ll have the photo-shoot. I will then begin to assemble a portfolio and no website…Not yet.

Until next week, keep dreaming 😉


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