I do not consider myself a writer.  In fact, I don’t particularly like to do it, but I want to share …so here goes!

Texas was wonderful!  We didn’t do anything that we don’t do every year (except go to the zoo).  It’s a week of hearing the word of God expounded upon by different ministers, from 9 in the morning until, usually, around 11 at night.  We started going for the teenagers but soon grew to love it ourselves.  We even have a favorite restaurant.  My kids L-O-V-E this trip! They ab-solutely LOVE it! They do other things during the summer like hike; they go to camp for a week; the beach…but Texas is what they look forward to, year-round.  Case in point: We were scheduled to fly out Friday.  So, we’re on the plane, bucked-up and the pilot goes “Folks, I’m gonna have to ask you to grab your bags and exit the plane.  This flight has been cancelled.”  Uh…WHAT?!  WE’RE ON THE THE PLANE!  Yup.  So, we exited.  My husband, by the grace of Almighty God, got us an early flight out the next day. I mention God’s favor because the airline was forecasting that the next flight to NJ was in 2 days!  What does this have to do with my children LOVING Texas?  Mm-hm…So the next day I ask my son “Were your friends surprised to see you back at Youth Group last night?” His reply “No.  We prayed that the flight would be cancelled so I could stay longer.” Interesting. Please don’t do it again…vacation’s over…we want to go HOME!

As we left, we prayed for the people of the city of Dallas; civilians and police officers, alike.  When we arrived home, we learned of the bewildering shootings of two more people, by police officers, in MN and LA! WHY!?

We then flew to see our son graduate airborne school.  What a whirlwind of a trip! From now on, we will pay the cost.  I mean, I’m for cheap tickets, but we will never again take 4 different airplanes in 36 hours! Well…I’m home now.  Bless Jesus! Tomorrow morning my son takes placement testing to see what Grade he’ll enter in September when he attends formal school with other former homeschoolers (including his teacher) for the first time in his life (:-)


I have 3 models for my dresses.  Photo equipment (backdrop, stand and clamps) is on it’s way to me and I will have my models fitted for dresses to be made for them to wear during the shoot …TBA.  (just got a phone call from a friend in FL. It’s 12:am) OK, False Alarm! Phew! She called by accident.

So, yes.  I just realized that I didn’t have to order the photo equipment now.  We aren’t shooting for two weeks.  I have to let my seamstress know that one of the models is leaving for school on August 11th so …we don’t have much time.  I’m planning to have 2 daytime dresses made. I already have one occasion dress but these three are really the same dress. Just a slight difference.  One summer maxi.  Maybe two and one of the other daytime dress…maybe two.  So I’m headed to the fabric store again but first I’m going to look through what I already have and see if I can use most of that.  I will also call in one of my models’ mom to accessorize the dresses for the shoot because she is EXCELLENT at that! I’m SO EXCITED! I will use the photos to begin a portfolio.  After the shoot is done, I will have more patterns made: The pants romper and …I don’t know what else right now.  I have someone working on my daughter’s dress but that’s seems to be taking  a LOT longer than I anticipated.  I’m not worried about it, though because I’ve enough to keep me occupied while I wait for it.  Until next week, then.   Ciao!



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