For some reason, I’m unable to upload the photo of this ugly fabric I’m using for my first sample.  I’m making a summer maxi, by the way.  The fabric is a silver, stretch, polyester.  I bought it to decorate my the tables for our Christmas party last year.  It was cheap and I’m sure I won’t want the same color next year so…it’s expendable.

(the photo above is the photo that wouldn’t load)

I searched “How to sew a dress” and found this lovely young lady who simply cut around a dress to get a rough pattern and so that’s what did.  Let me tell you – it was rough!  “Why didn’t I use the pattern I had made for that dress” you ask?  Because the pattern includes a built-in bra (or shelf bra) and I’ve decided to make the dress without that.  The pattern also has 10 pieces and I’m trying to make it with as few as possible.  For instance, the pattern calls for 4 separate pieces of fabric to be sewn together for the body, alone!  I sewed it yesterday with only 2.  It didn’t look bad!  As soon as I can get the pictures uploaded, I’ll show you  (I think I’ll send them to my phone and upload them from there).  Oh! How could I forget this? It took me two days to thread and properly place the bobbin! Yup. 1st, the thread kept getting tangled on the bobbin while I was trying to thread it.  Then, when I finally got it to look like thread and not discarded dental floss, I RAN OUT OF THREAD! I had to go out and buy another spool.  Then, I could not get the needle to grab the thread from the bobbin in the bobbin case…you know, under the needle.  But I did! And I sewed my 1st sample.

Well, in the midst of all this, something broke downstairs and flooded the family room.  We didn’t have water for one night but my husband is AMAZING and, though we had to go to the library to use the bathroom in the morning, he had it fixed by lunchtime.  (singing: “What a man – what a man – what a man – what a mighty good man.  Say it again, now!” ) ANYWHO! What else happened? Oh!  On Friday he sprung on me that we’re attending a   dinner on…well…today! It was a spur of the moment, something or other.  Anyway, my hair has fallen out at my temples and in the middle.  Getting it to grow again isn’t a problem.  The problem is what to do with it while it’s growing! The last thing I want to do is go to a DINNER! But of course we’re going.  The thought of shopping for new clothes with the kids …I can’t …so I won’t …and that’s that.

My son graduated a couple weeks ago. We have another one graduating in three weeks.  We have a vacation coming up AND A WEDDING!  Finding time to work on my clothing line is very difficult.  I am determined, but the sooner you find my blog, like it and start leaving me encouraging feedback. . .the BETTER 😉



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