What IS the “perfect” fabric ?  It’s the one you want to wear.

So I’ve been searching for this “perfect” fabric for at least two years (probably closer to three) and last night, while searching the inventory of this fabric company whose site I peruse regularly, I FOUND IT!  Now, it isn’t unusual for me to find something on this particular site that fits my fabric needs.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever searched this site and not found at least three items that I like.  The problem is they’re usually sold out!  Come to think of it, last night, my first choices were all sold out.  The piece I found was actually one of my 2nd choices.  I felt the perfect fabric for this dress would be light-weight and breathable with a little stretch and a pretty pattern.  I found eight, last night!  Four were sold out and the others were on the “Almost Sold Out!” list.  The first thing I did was add swatches to my virtual shopping cart.  Then I thought, “By the time I get the swatches and decide I definitely want to buy, it’ll be gone.  I must go to the store.”

My children would’ve loved a bus ride, but after calculating the cost, at roughly $100, I decided to drive.  We set out about noon.  Though we dressed for hot weather and a lot of walking, it was more humid than I anticipated and I wasted a half hour walking the wrong way up the right street! My GPS kept losing signal, but I didn’t know that.  I didn’t know why it kept sending me in the wrong direction.  Finally, I decided to stop the car, unplug the GPS and then plug it back up. This helped keep it on the right track.  Wonderful! I just wish I’d discovered this remedy before I would-up IN QUEENS DURING RUSH HOUR!

SO ANYWAY…as I said in my last post, I’ve decided to sew the final pieces myself but, as the fabric was so lovely,  fear of ruining it got the better of me and I called my pattern maker (who is also a seamstress) and asked her to sew it for me. Tomorrow I will meet with her and discuss a few things, including:

1.) Why does the dress pattern have so many pieces?  It’s got like 10 pieces when it seems to me it should only have 4 or 5.

I think that’s my fault, though, because the dress is meant to stretch and, against her suggestion not to, I had the sample made in muslin, which does not stretch.

Until next week – check out my family’s new YouTube Channel! Thank you🤗




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