Creating a Piece: Commencer à finir

I begin with a sketch . . . in crayon?!  NO!


Well ok.  This time …I used crayon🙄  My 12 year old likes to use my sketch pencils, but she loses them!  So, last Friday, when my husband asked if I wanted to see Don Giovanni at The MET, I sat down to sketch a dress for the event.  After a few minutes, I realized that the contents of my sketch bag was one colored pencil, a pen, and a crayon so, I did what I could with what I had.  When the sketch was done, I contacted my pattern maker and asked if she could have it done by Wednesday.

…wait.  I have to backup.  I didn’t start out with a dress.  My first idea was pants:IMG_1195.JPG

But she said she couldn’t finish pants on such short notice so, I designed a dress.

There are universal symbols that professional sketch artists use to interpret the designer’s idea to the pattern maker.  My pattern maker actually wrote a book on it. After I sketch my design to the best of my ability, I send it to her.  She then re-sketches it, using these universal symbols, and sends it back to me for approval. We discuss it; tweak it here and there and finally, I “o.k.” it.IMG_1192.JPG

She makes the pattern; I go to Manhattan and buy the fabric.

Making my way to the fabric store.





She sews together a muslin for me (not a model in this case because the dress is for me) to try on.  I drop off the fabric and try on the dress.  God is with us.  She says she’s never had a 1st fitting fit so well!IMG_1191This was Sunday, April 23rd.

Yesterday, at 3:30, I picked up the finished product.IMG_1190

We took a lot of pictures but I’m not a model.  This one was the best.

I now have 9 pieces in the clothing line.  The next phase is getting great looking photos and pairing each photo with a description.  Thanks for your interest in my little endeavor.  Please follow me for updates and share with your friends😊


“You don’t understand.  I CAN’T forgive that person.”  Well, Jesus knew that when He told you to.  He expected you to do it the same way He expects you to do everything: by Faith.  Are you willing to forgive?  Are you willing to be made willing?  Philippians 3:10 says He helps us WANT to do His will, but you have to, at least, be willing to be made willing.  Just say “Lord, you know the situation & how I feel, but, as an act of my will, I forgive her/him.  You said all things are possible to him who believes and I believe You can give me a new heart for this person.  I ask You to please do that and I trust that You have.  Thank you.  Amen.”  Now, in 5 minutes, when you think about that person and cringe like you always do, OPEN YOUR MOUTH and SAY what you believe.  Say “No! I forgave that person? Jesus helped me. I DON’T CARE HOW I FEEL!  I do not live by my feelings.  I live by my faith in every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  My Heavenly Father said He hears me and when I ask for something, according to His will, His answer is YES!  I asked Him to help me forgive and He did. I have forgiven him!” and just praise The Lord.  Now, you may have to do that several times, but soon your feelings will follow your decision and you’ll begin to think of that person fondly.  Put the word of God to work in your life today.

Summertime Summertime

I have GOT to quote my scriptures or I am NO GOOD to anybody. So, I’m gonna say my scriptures, start reading my epistle and start my day.

This summer, I’d like to lose some weight. I hate to sound like I’m into what everybody else is into, but I feel uncomfortable. So, I’m going to head back out to the park for another walk. When I get home, I’ll do an upper body workout and that’ll be it for today. I should juice before I leave because I haven’t in a week. So I’ll have some carrot, beet and spinach juice with a touch of lemon and my delicious salad for dinner; Fruit for breakfast and lunch.

Feeling ready!

The Photo Shoot & Beyond

OooK! …finally got up enough courage to look at the photos from Wednesday’s shoot. They’re pretty.

DSCN0728I can actually use some of them. Tori was perfect. I mean, when I say perfect, I mean perfect. NAYLA SEWED MY DRESS😮 Thank you my Joshy 😍& baby Bella for assisting with the backdrop, lighting, and set-up. APRIL, THANK YOU FOR IRONING🤗




I had another model lined-up but I couldn’t make it to her. THANK YOU AMY😍! I hope you can forgive me for ruining your morning!

What a wild day!  A lot of driving.  Apparently, you need a super speedy memory card & lithium batteries in order to keep the camera from running out of power every 30 min.

The clothes fit so beautifully that I started shooting mindlessly.  My daughter goes “Mom. You’re supposed to get the model and the backdrop – not the entire room.”  By the time I realized how bad the photos were going to be, it was too late.  I just had to edit it as best I could.DSCN0532.jpg

The best photos looked horrible but, it was with them that I launched my website.  (sigh!) So much has happened.  Where do I begin?  It turns out that it costs me more money to sell individual pieces on the website than to sell in bulk to stores.  The idea that a company would want to buy my clothes seemed so far fetched to me that I ignored the advice of my knowledgeable pattern maker and tried to start by selling one piece at a time.  That just seemed more do-able.  It turns out, however, that in order for me to make a profit, I have to sell hundreds of dresses.  Anything less and it actually costs me to sell them.  With this in mind, I contacted clothing boutiques in my area and asked if they’d like to see my designs.  One person got back to me and said “Of course.  You’re welcome to send us some line sheets.”  Now, I’ve heard of line sheets, but I’ve heard of a lot of things since I started this label 4 years ago.  That’s another thing I learned this weekend: My clothing line is professionally referred to as a “label”😏 Chic’y.  I called my pattern maker, who is also my advisor, and she explained that I need a “press kit” and that line sheets are just a part of that.  So, that’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days.


The press kit isn’t a difficult task in and of itself.  What’s been difficult is finding quiet time to work on it.  I began putting it together last Saturday, which was the start of Memorial Day Weekend.  My son came home from school for three days.  My husband took them all to visit Grandma.  He expected me to go, too.   To his disappointment, I decided to stay home, alone, and work on my press kit and do the laundry.  I’m still not done.  I need to set a date by which I’d like to be finished.  That’ll help me.  I’m going to have to take more photos because I can’t use the horrible ones for the line sheets.  I need to get a move on because summer is practically here and it seems to me that stores order their summer things at the beginning of spring…not the end.

Tomorrow we have a doctor’s  appt., and my son has field trip.  We’re finishing up our school lessons.  I’m expecting to hear from a home school mom this week, about whether or not we can meet at her church for the co op we’re planning for next year.  I don’t know if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I was planning on sending my two littlest ones to school next year.  I prayed about it and the co op began to take shape so … no school.  We will be continuing with home school for the foreseeable future.  Hey! Leave a comment!

Keeping you posted,



WHELP!..Life is Happening.

Guess what?  I found a model. …got a photo shoot tomorrow morning.  I’m a little nervous; only because I’m the one taking the pictures.  I’ve steam ironed each piece and got it ready to go.  I’ve got my cameras and backdrop equipment ready, too.  I’m going to rent 2 soft boxes and a 35 mm lense.  The photographer at our 2nd shoot had light boxes and what they did for the light was truly amazing.  My husband said the lense will just help me shoot faster.  We’ve got 8 pieces but I want to modify one of them.  I pray that my mother-in-law will help me.  If she can’t, I’ll have to get at that sewing machine, again, and I am not looking forward to that.

Hmm…what else is going on?  My son was in the school play so last week, my littlest ones and me were at the school everyday until 9:45pm.  They did three shows and the last one was Saturday evening.  We stayed to help clean-up and got home a little after 12 am.  We had a great time and met a lot of parents but I’m so glad that’s over.   The kids and I got to work the concession stand, for the 1st time ever, on Saturday and we enjoyed it very much.  My 16 yr. old, who attends the school, really came alive for the play!  I feel like he created friendships and bonded with some of the other students, which was great.  It was so good to see him having such a good time with the other kids his age.

In homeschool, our timeline of U.S history is coming along lovely and, to my surprise, they like doing it!  I mean, I thought they’d like it initially but then their enthusiasm would wane, but it hasn’t!

Did I tell you that, for the umpteenth time, I’m trying to start a co op?  Well, I had my mind set towards sending my littlest two to school next year.  When I reflected, however, on my reason for wanting to do this , I decided, to assuage any guilt on my part, to try to start a co op one last time.  I prayed:

“Heavenly Father, I would like to send the bunnies to school because my girl is so social and I think she’d love it and …I could focus more on the clothing line😬However, I will try again to start a co op.  If You want me to continue homeschooling, send families to me who want to be a part of my co op.  If not, I will take it to mean that You are ok with them going to school and proceed as planned.”

I prayed in tongues about it and then I got an idea: “Email the churches in the area and ask if there are any homeschool moms in their congregation who’d be interested in planning a co op for next year.”

I emailed one church.  A lady got back to me.  She said she was in this social media group and that I should join and share my plan because “not only do we need one in our area, but so many families want one.”  I did that.  The group leader posted the announcement and 14 families contacted me.  I had a meeting last Wednesday.  We have a retired math teacher who taught math in public schools for 10 years, loves Algebra and wants to teach math for our co op.  We have a Phys. Ed. Teacher, Art teacher, Language Arts, Spanish and someone to man the nursery.  I am waiting to hear back from 2 moms about possible meeting places.  I scratched writing to the other churches about interested families because these moms assure me (and because of the response I’m getting, I have no doubt) of families in the area who are ready to jump right into a co op.  Very exciting. So…that’s what’s been going on with me.  Thanks for listening.  I will post pictures and possibly a video of the photo shoot.  Thanks for coming along for the journey.  Please comment and click “Follow”😄

On the Shelf

Well, no photo shoot this weekend because I had no models.  No biggie.  I refuse to stress-out.  I will put the clothing line back on the shelf as I always do when I come to a wall.  I’ll continue to pray for wisdom and when I know what to do, I’ll do it.  Thanks everybody for your kind words about my dress.  I’ve been nervous about how they’d be received so, I’m truly thankful that so many people seemed to genuinely like that one.  When I take the next step, you’ll be the 1st to know.  See you then😎

Photo Shoot•SATURDAY•4/29/17 *MODELS WANTED*

WANTED IMMEDIATELY: Women’s Wear Fashion Models – Size 10 

If you are a young lady, over 18 years of age, size 10, and would like to model my clothing line for the experience or just for fun, please inbox me on Facebook

Thank you!

I’ve kept the clothing line under wraps, only posting photos of this dress and one other, but launch time is here.  I’d like to do so the 1st week of May, as it is a spring/summer clothing line.  I have descriptions of the pieces, but I need photos.  I need people to model the pieces for me.  Is there anyone out there who would like your give it a try? PLEASE😫?!


Spring Break

I decided to run everyday this week.  I started Saturday (which is technically last week) and by Sunday, my shins were hurting, again.  I found an article that said “Give your shins an opportunity to heal after the strain you’re putting on them, being a new runner.” or something to that effect. So, I’ve been walking everyday and only running a little.

I also decided that, during spring break, I would put the finishing touches on my dresses. The seamstress is done and her dresses look great!  Everything is back in my hands, now, and all that’s left is for me to switch the black buttons on one of the dresses with gold buttons and sew a piece of elastic in another one.  I seem to have misplaced my buttons, though. I’ve looked all over for them.  I just have to sit down and think about where they could be.  I mean, where could I have put them!  I’m also going to make the black, velvet dress longer.  I think I’d like that one to be a gown.  I expect to be done by the end of the week.  I could really be done tomorrow.  We’ll see.

I have found someone who will model for free.  We’ll have a fitting next week.  I also found a place to rent studio lighting so …I’m very happy about that.  My husband is an amateur photographer so I will count on him for my pics.   I would actually like to do it the day before Easter but …no can do.  My model will be preparing for a party on Easter and …yeah…no can do.

When I’m done with the photos, I will add them to the item descriptions , set up a website and create a portfolio to send to prospective investors.

I know you haven’t seen the dresses but I do not want to unveil them before the launch.  I will record the photo shoot and post it on my You Tube Channel.

Please comment and let’s start a conversation 😄

-Until next week!